Global Competition Can Be Brutal and Unforgiving

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Organizations today often waste up to 15 cents out of every dollar in the project delivery arena, at times considerably more. Many companies today have capital spending plans nominally exceeding $1 billion annually. There is quite a bit at stake! Combined, trillions of dollars are wasted and thrown away.

Today, many specialist support groups and organizations (within both private companies and public sectors) provide service and support to design, engineer, procure and construct and start up new investments. These are in the form of new buildings, renovated facilities, new and renovated industrial plants, both greenfield and brownfields, infrastructure and the like.

In addition, global competition continues to grow and can be brutal as well as unforgiving at times. People have changed the way they live, work and interact. The way companies and organizations lead and manage their cultures need to progress and be a sign of those changes. Often, issues that involve program and/or project performance can likely be 'stuck in the past” doing what has always been done and get lost or caught up in the day to day project activities. It’s easy to identify with how that can happen but it is important to intermittently take a step back and observe performance and evaluate improvement opportunities.

The world’s demanding pressure for performance will not wait. Camargo Associates has deployed the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP®) as a means to meet today’s challenges. The process has been created for you to utilize in order to simplify and focus your efforts and activities.

The CIP® process is usually conducted in facilitated workshops over several meetings that engage key participants from both our client’s organization and our own organization. The key purpose of the process is to determine how to improve the delivery of projects. Additionally, it could be centralized around other relevant topics such as safety, logistics, asset management, contractors, et al, etc.

Some of our clients intermittently have limited capability and lack of resources of information that is occurring outside of their environment when it comes to non-core expertise, particularly in the global market. Camargo Associates is well positioned to provide clients with a real competitive advantage financially, technically and with safety.

Whether drastic and rapid or subtle shifting dynamics, it’s important to be aware of and react to constant industry changes. Camargo Associates will assist your company with identifying industry trends and guide you through the CIP® process for more effective project delivery and to achieve maximum company value.

Camargo Associates is a small but growing professional organization of program and project delivery experts. We exist to provide guidance, expertise and knowledge which, when implemented, offer significant “value added” to our clients. We are the place that people come to learn how to provide better and efficient project delivery services to their stakeholders.

All organizations want to improve and even know what those improvements might but they are unsure of how to fully implement them within their groups. Camargo Associates was founded to fulfill the unmet need from those organizations to offer improved performance and return on investment and benefits to users and stakeholders.

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