Emergency Response Management Consulting Ltd. (ERMC)

Global Materials Technology Group


Critical Issue
A global materials technology group recently engaged ERMC to design a unique Emergency Response Plan (ERP). This ERP would support their on-site emergency response system. In addition, our client shares the site with a large—and established, industrial manufacturing facility. Our client, and their response team, shares the emergency services duties with the host site.

ERMC provided a solution with embraced the newly developed ERP and design an Emergency Management Systems (EMS), within a six month time frame. The ERP was central to the EMS, and designed to support their emergency services as they participate in mutual response with the host site.

ERMC was able to participate “from the ground floor up” in the development of the site EMS. The solutions provided by ERMC included:

  • Comprehensive review of the Site Risk Assessment
  • ERP completion
  • Design and deliver ERP Familiarization sessions for employees
  • Design and deliver a Tabletop Exercise (TTX) for validation of the EMS
  • Integration of client with host sponsored Full Scale Exercise (FSX)
  • Training

Outcome/Return on Investment (ROI)
The plans that were developed were used in presentations to the Management Support Team and key members of the Emergency Response Organization. The client reviewed their ERP with the host site for alignment and confirmation of key roles and responsibilities. Our measure of success was that the client now had a working response document to guide their efforts in emergency management development.

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