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Global Outlook for Ice and Snow


Courtesy of United Nations Environment Programme

As part of its continuing efforts to raise global awareness about the effects of climate change, UNEP will release Global Outlook for Ice & Snow at the outset of the International Polar Year 2007-2008. This new analysis will focus on the changes in ice- and snow-covered regions and highlight the consequences of those changes for the global community.

Global Outlook for Ice & Snow will provide an up-to-date, concise review of the state of the environment and the trends in ice and snow-covered regions (cryosphere) of the world. It will feature case studies, illustrations, graphics and maps and will serve as an educational and reference publication. With a broad target audience that includes decision-makers at many levels, the report will look at the significance of changes in the cryosphere to human well-being and the implications for policy.

The assessment is now being written by a team of experts from many disciplines and many countries. Leading research organizations are involved in preparing and reviewing the report.

Global Outlook for Ice & Snow will be launched on World Environment Day, 5 June 2007, in cities around the world. Norway and the City of Tromsø will host the main international celebrations.

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