Global Warming Causing Dwindling Food Supplies

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The growth of plants but in excessive amounts they end up bringing destruction. Man-made warming will actually cause a reduction in the amount of food produced compared to if there was no global warming.

The last time a similar report was given it said that it was too soon to begin speculating on what effect global warming would have on food production. That was in 2007 but since then more literature has been released with regard to the negative effect of global warming on food production.

Rainfall may be erratic but that is not the biggest problem. The heat will have a worse effect on the yield than the rainfall. Every area is bound to experience the heat without favor. Thankfully there is a “green revolution” going on. It involves improved agricultural techniques that will increase crop production.

Global warming affects production by one percent per decade. These new practices are expected to increase food production by 10 percent every decade. This ensures that food production continues to grow even though at a rate that is a little slower.
However, in areas where people continue to rely on rainfall the reduction will be a little greater. The green revolution will definitely work best for those areas that practice irrigation. Irrigation will ensure that the crops continue to flourish even with the increasing heat. This will counter the drop in production and maintain some semblance of production thereby sustaining the food supply.

A reduction in food also translates to an increase in food prices. Tim Gore of Oxfam International said that this will make it more difficult for individuals to feed their families. Even those that can afford wine and good quality coffee will be affected as well.

The warmer temperatures will also affect the ocean thus affecting the quantity of fish. A warmer ocean is more acidic and therefore not appropriate for the fish to live. They will end up moving which will make them scarce so those that rely on fish will also experience shortage.

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