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5-a-side football is recognised as one of the most popular and fastest growing sports activities and Goals Soccer Centres are leading the UK’s leisure industry in the provision of “next generation” soccer facilities

The Goals Soccer Centre in Portsmouth, one of 38 first class centres developed by Goals throughout the UK, has eight “third generation” 5-a-side and two 7-a-side pitches, constructed by Blakedown Sport & Play Ltd

Goals Soccer Centres incorporate the latest in artificial grass technology which provides significant advantages over traditional artificial grass systems. Their 'third generation' playing surfaces utilise long pile artificial grass with rubber crumb infill and are designed to reflect far more accurately the characteristics of real grass with regard to look, feel and play

One of the most significant factors in maintaining a quality artificial playing surface is the provision of an effective drainage system, ensuring the pitch provides a consistently high quality playing performance, whatever the weather

Terram 1B1 was specified as the preferred subsurface drainage solution for this project

Terram 1B1 is a thermally bonded geocomposite consisting of a black polymer extruded core covered on both sides with a Terram nonwoven geotextile filter. A prefabricated product, Terram 1B1 directly replaces the need for conventional granular fill in subsurface drainage applications

Commenting on the use of Terram 1B1, Gilly Milne, Marketing Manager for Blakedown Sport & Play Ltd said:

“It was extremely important to implement a drainage system that would afford maximum durability and help maintain the high quality of Goals’ playing surfaces. The compressive strength and resistance to creep provided by Terram’s 1B1 geocomposite provides a superior drainage solution and its lightweight and flexible design makes installation much less time-consuming than traditional drainage methods”

At Goals’ Portsmouth facility, Terram 1B1 was laid over the pitches’ sub base and secured in place before being covered with a layer of “third generation” artificial grass

The superior drainage quality of Terram 1B1 supports a high flow rate for water as it passes through the artificial grass layer, preventing the pitches from becoming waterlogged by providing highly efficient and effective lateral drainage into the main land drainage network

In addition, the inherent strength and puncture resistance of Terram 1B1 makes it extremely suitable for applications that are to be subjected to significant stresses, as in this case, helping maintain the integrity of the playing surface during its lifetime.

Terram drainage composites are designed for a wide range of applications where drainage is required:

  • Roads
  • Landscaping and roof gardens
  • Retaining walls
  • Playing surfaces
  • Landfill
  • Tunnels
  • Buried structures

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