Going Green? Be Sure To Evaluate Your Absorbent Wipers And Rags!


From using certain light bulbs to investing in hybrid cars, trucks or buses, many companies across the country have found ways to make their business a little greener. But what about your company? How many green procedures, technologies or tools have you brought into the workplace?

Ideally, by 2014 your business or place of employment has begun implementing numerous initiatives to become a little greener. If this has not happened your company is missing out: as early as 2008 business owners were noting that green business practices often helped different companies compete in today’s global market, as well as strengthened a company’s bottom line. And of course, the obvious benefit of going green is lowering any negative impact your business may have on the environment.

Going green is something SpillFix takes very seriously; that’s why we make our absorbent product with a renewable resource. But absorbent products are just one of the tools the industries we often implement. Other tools we often see used along with our absorbent product include spill control tools, supplementary absorbent products, and a range of absorbent rags and wipers.

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