Going Online to Manage Global EH&S Affairs

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Over the past few years, Web-enabled environment, health, and safety (EH&S) management systems have permeated the EH&S management culture in subtle ways. But as more professionals begin to rely on this technology, the real benefits are beginning to become clear. One of the biggest benefits is that anyone who can surf the Internet can participate in the process. Nowhere is this more evident than in managing information across multiple geographic locations. The ability to connect via the Internet has allowed the seamless management of EH&S affairs globally, a trend that is likely to continue. This article presents real-world examples that point to some of the reasons behind the trend.

Since the inception of the Air & Waste Management Association’s Information Solutions Committee in 2000, there have been scores of presentations and papers, published in a variety of forums, reflecting the state of information science in the management of environment, health, and safety (EH&S) affairs. Certain global industry trends are evident from this body of information. In particular, this article will consider examples of global information management from three industry sectors: metal, utility, and pharmaceutical. This cross-section of companies and approaches shows how Web-based technology is being applied to manage EH&S data.

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