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Goodbye Grease! Aqua Mundus Helps Catering & Commercial Kitchens Manage Fat, Oil & Grease Wastewater


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While fat, oil and grease can cause major blockages to piping and sewers, Aqua Mundus is helping thousands of commercial and catering kitchens implement a solid grease management infrastructure and flush away these nasty problems for good. 

While pouring fat, oil and grease (FOG) down a commercial sink may seem like a good idea, their solid properties can cause dangerous build-up and even block sewers and piping completely. However, with a myriad of FOG wastewater solutions on the market, separating solid matter and properly-treating water is easier than ever before. 

Aqua Mundus, based in Worcestershire, are leading the industry with their popular and adaptable grease traps and separators, biological drain treatment systems and food sediment traps. With all products and solutions fully conforming to British Building Regulations Part H, Section 2.21, Aqua Mundus provides proven solutions that fit the needs of any busy kitchen operation. 

“Whilst it may only seem like a bit of grease or oil, it’s vital that all commercial and catering kitchens take wastewater management seriously and implement proven solutions, such as the ones we’re offering,” says Kriss Ombler. 

Continuing, “If left, every kitchen will suffer from drainage issues that fats, oils and grease cause. However, the problems can be avoided before they manifest by investing in proper drainage and treatment of waste water. The outlay required is miniscule compared with the cost of having a sewerage company come on-site to fix or replace blocked piping.” 

Each product and solution has been thoroughly tested, refined and re-tested by the company. Put through their paces with an extensive list of different FOG properties, customers can rest assured that their waste management system is both rugged and able to provide peace of mind long into the future. 

“We’re probably the leading solutions focused company in the  country with such extensive knowledge of FOG waste water, so judge us as you will! Saying that, this experience allows us to ensure that every client fitted with a solution that can withstand the rigorous use of commercial settings; which some clients are operating twenty four hours a day.

Aqua Mundus boasts an impressive list of clientele ranging from restaurants and hotels to shopping centres and corporate office buildings. Each client has the option of choosing full installation and ongoing maintenance and product support. 

Popular product choices include the Big Dipper® automatic grease removal unit and the Grease Guzzler® patented automatic drain treatment system. The latter utilises patented bio-technology, ensuring efficient and effective drain cleansing with minimal impact on the environment. 

“This is very new territory for those investing in their first FOG management system, so we understand people may be unsure of where to begin. We’re on hand throughout the entire process to advise, guide and support every decision our customers make,” says Ombler. 

As a starting point, those unsure of how to correctly size a grease treatment system are invited to take advantage of Aqua Mundus’ free online sizing calculator, which is fully approved by BS EN 1825 building regulations. 

Any company from any sector is urged to make contact today and implement a grease trap, biological drain treatment system or food sediment trap today. 

For more information, request a free FOG waste water audit, or to discover further benefits of such systems, visit:


About the Company:

Aqua Mundus are innovative wastewater engineers in the specialist field of fats, oils and grease.  We pride ourselves in supplying, installing and maintaining leading products and services to the catering industry. 

Our expertise and technical knowledge allow our team to advise the most cost effective solution for your wastewater treatment through a range of industry approved systems.

 As an environmentally aware company we understand the impact wastewater can have, not only for the local environment but for your business reputation and profit.

 We work with some of the leading UK restaurants, pubs, hotels and fast food outlets, with our expert advice we can guarantee the products and services we offer are the best solution available following our extensive testing of the equipment and specific FOG wastewater understanding.



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