Gorman-Rupp On Line Hydraulics Training Courses


Courtesy of Gorman-Rupp Co.

Gorman-Rupp's on line training courses are designed to familiarize the user with the workings of a pump as well as centrifugal pump hydraulics and system hydraulics.

Areas of focus include how to:

  • Compute the Total Dynamic Head or how to read a performance chart
  • Determine the system head curve or the net positive suction head
  • Solve many problems associated with pumps such as cavitation, vortexing and air entrainment
  • Safely work around pumps during operation and maintenance
  • Use pump affinity laws
  • Perform drive coupling alignment and V-belt drive maintenance

Users are walked through concepts aided by a variety of drawings, tables, animations, graphs and articles, then prompted to respond to multiple choice questions to help them test their own levels of understanding. Certain courses are approved by individual U.S. states for CEU's (an updated list is available on the password-protected training site). Please contact Gorman-Rupp at grsales@gormanrupp.com to inquire about certification in your state.

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