Got Chinese drywall?

Step By Step Environmental Assessments, a leading environmental inspection company in Florida, was one of the first companies, in early 2008, in South Florida to CORRECTLY identify Chinese Drywall, during assessments for builders and residences in North Florida.

As such, we have been consulted by attorneys and consumers, as well as leading laboratories, looking to better understand the causes and methods for proper visual identification of Chinese Drywall.

Our staff of Certified Hygienists, Certified Mold Assessors, and Certified Mold Inspectors have been servicing Florida residents since 2003.

Estimates of >60,000 homes in Florida are potentially affected

The problematic drywall, imported between 2004 and 2006, appears to be related to the presence of iron disulfide (FeS2 pyrite). Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbonyl sulfide, sulfur dioxide (SO2), and carbon disulfide (CS2) are also suspected as culprit.

There are also reports of Chinese drywall that was kept on barges at sea for months awaiting permission for importation to the USA. This drywall appears to have a higher than typical density and also a higher propensity to off-gas sulfur compounds.

Odorous Drywall Symptoms...
- Sulfur and other unexpected odors
- Black discoloration of metal fixtures and domestic water piping
- Black sulfide corrosion of copper electrical and HVAC components

Concerns and other Symptoms...
- Respiratory irritations
- Failure of copper electrical components
- Pitting sulfide corrosion of air conditioner evaporator coils causing failure and loss of refrigerant

Could I have Chinese Drywall?
- Was your home or commercial facility built or substantially remodeled between Late 2004 and early 2009?

- Have you experienced any sulfur or other unusual odors?

- Has any black discoloration on copper, brass, and other metals been noticed?

- Have you had evaporator coil failures with loss of refrigerant?

What should I do next?
- Contact us IMMEDIATELY to schedule an ON-Site visual assessment and possible sampling if needed.

-What can or will be done?

Our Environmental Hygienist will seek to correctly identify your home or facility as a Chinese Drywall affected home or building and provide Digital Defensible Documentation.

If requested, we can further correctly identify material to be replaced and create a proper Chinese Drywall Remedial Action Plan.

If sampling is requested or required, we will submit one or more samples for Bulk Testing by X-Ray Fluorescence to the Materials Testing, Characterization and Forensic Lab in Westmont New Jersey. X-ray Fluorescence Testing has consistently shown elevated iron and magnesium in affected samples.

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