Got Survey Meters - How About Carbon -14 & Tritium Survey Meters?????

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Now show me your Carbon-14 and Tritium survey meter.

Ooops, don’t have one?

Regulatory Guide 1.21 defines a principal nuclide as any radionuclide whose concentration exceeds 1% of its total release. It states that the released quantity must be included in the Annual Radioactivity Discharge Report. For many U.S. nuclear power plants Tritium and C-14 have become principal nuclides, as cited in the EPRI December 2010 Final Technical Report #1021106, “Estimate of Carbon-14 in Nuclear Power Plants Gaseous Effluents” by EPRI Project Manager Karen Kim.

Nuclear Power is not the only industry dealing with effluents of Tritium and/or Carbon-14. Tritium or Carbon-14 effluents are also on-site at National Laboratories, Bio-Tech Labs and Pharmaceutical Companies, University Labs, Fusion and Plasma Facilities, Nuclear Navy Ships and Depots, and at Waste Depositories.

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The TRICAIR – TA/Overhoff’s Tritium/Carbon-14 Survey Meter – Portable and Fixed Mounted Models available. - Spec Sheet - Brochure

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