Government bill regulating contaminated soils in Catalonia

The region of Catalonia in Spain has developed a Government bill regulating Contaminated Soils in order to comply with both National Law 10/1998 of 21st April on Waste, and Royal Decree 9/2005 of 14th January, by which it is established the list of soil polluting activities and the standard criteria to declare a soil as contaminated.

This decree is based upon the necessity that all Autonomous Regions establish their own regulatory and technical tools so as to execute and develop the basic regulations on contaminated soils. Up to the present day, only the Basque country and Galicia have developed its own regulations on this subject matter. As for Catalonia, the competent authority regarding contaminated soils is the Waste Agency of Catalonia (Agencia de Residuos de Cataluña - ARC).

This regulatory framework at a regional level is Law 6/1993 of 15th July on waste amended by Law 15/2003 of 13th June and Law 9/2008 of 10th July, however, this regulation does not cover all the necessary aspects for the correct protection of soils.

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