GPR antenna resolution

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How many antennas should I have?

We have all heard that question, especially coming from the newcomers to the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology. The people starting to master this technology are amazed that one has to have so many different antennas for what appears to be the same thing, scrutinizing the earth.

What antenna(s) should I choose?

To get a suitable data set is of the paramount importance, so selecting the proper radar antenna in each case is a must. There are countless tables scattered all over the literature and the Internet, putting out controversial information and leaving the unwary in total confusion and with a feeling of despair. To make things worse, manufacturers are not very kind on giving out emission parameters, radiation lobes, transmission loses or any other important data for the antennas they sell. In this paper I'll try to approach one of the many important factors contributing to a successful ground penetrating radar survey, the resolution of the antenna.

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