gPRO HP - Chlorinated Solvents - Franklin, Indiana


Courtesy of inVentures Technologies Incorporated.


  • IWM is the consultant
  • Former electronics manufacturing facility with release of VOCs primarily PCE, TCE and TCA
  • Industrial Waste Management Consulting Group (IWM, formerly Handex) completed remedial investigation at the site in 1985
  • Pump and Treat facility was installed February 1995 and has ran continuously since then
  • TCE and PCE have been detected in groundwater samples above the published Risk Integrated System of Closure
  • (RISC) Default Industrial Closure Levels established by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM)
  • Highest VOC concentrations were detected within the lower portions of a 14 feet thick layer of stratified fine to coarse sand and sandy gravel
  • Damaged old sanitary sewer was a primary source and preferential pathway for the dissolved VOC plume
  • Highly calcified subsurface environment

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