gPRO LP - Chlorinated Solvents - Espanola, New Mexico


Courtesy of inVentures Technologies Incorporated.


  • AMEC Earth & Environmental Inc. is the current consultant
  • INTERA Inc. formerly Duke Engineering & Services (DE&S), completed remedial investigation of the site in Jan. 2003
  • Source Dry Cleaner Facility with release of DNAPL - Source: DNAPL, Dissolved phase plume: PCE
  • Site consists of an approximately 58-acre plume of contaminated groundwater extending in an elliptical shape approximately 0.75 miles south, southeast of the source
  • The estimated mass of PCE DNAPL in the source zone: 300 pounds (based on results from soil sampling), Dissolved-phase plume: approximately 275 pounds of PCE and its breakdown products
  • The hot-spot bioremediation treatment area is located at the head of the ground water plume, within a group of privately-owned properties
  • PCE concentrations within the hot-spot portion of the ground water plume (excluding the source area), along the plume centerline, range from approximately 5,000 to 40,000 ug/L
  • Major Concern: The contaminated ground water plume is in a sole-source drinking water aquifer for the City of Española, the Santa Clara Pueblo trust lands, and nearby populations in the state of New Mexico

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