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Grade `A` remediation - selective phase transfer technology cleans up college in Moncton, New Brunswick


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Remedialing sensitive areas or population dense areas can be tricky at the best of times. So it's important to utilize a remediation technology with a proven record of reducing environmental and health and safely risks in order to avoid associated legal liability for project stakeholders, among other reasons.

Ivey International Inc. is a Canadian company with offices in Campbell River, B.C., Grand Prairie, Albena, Ottawa, Ontano, Fredericton, New Brunswick and Newington, Connecticut, that offers a proven remediation technology for onsite and offsite cleanup requirements. Specializing in technology to restore air, soil and groundwater quality, the company's patented selective phase transfer technology (SPTT) removes petroleum hydrocarbons (gasoline, fuel oil, diesel, and Bunker C) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), and chlorinated contaminants from soil, groundwater and fractured bedrock.

SPTT incorporates patented phase transfer mixtures that selectively interact with a specific class or type of organic non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) contaminant. The system effectively liberates contaminants from the soil, bedrock, and/or free-floating phase and encapsulates the hydrocarbons. Referred to as 'micelles,' the hydrocarbon particles of various sizes and compositions make the NAPL contaminants water soluble, allowing for their rapid recovery from the site.

On average, the company remediates more than 95 per cent of small to medium size contaminated sites in-situ in less than 18 months. Ex-situ projects can be complete within hours.

George A. Ivey, founder and senior environmental specialist with Ivey International, was nominated for a 2004 GLOBE Corporate Award for Technology Innovation and/or Application. The internationally recognized award distinguishes leading companies and industry groups that use economically viable sustainable business strategies. Mr. Ivey did not make the finalist round, but was honoured by the nomination nonetheless.

The technology, which was granted a U.S. patent last year, was also granted a Canadian patent on March 2, 2004.

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