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Graphical exergy analysis of retrofitted distillation column

Thermodynamic analysis of a distillation column has important role for synthesising and developing energy-efficient distillation process. We have invented representation of this analysis to integrate characteristics of separation performance and exergy features of internal distillation column using Material-Utilisation Diagram (MUD). In this paper, we analyse separation performance and exergy loss phenomena for retrofitted distillation column, i.e., side heating?cooling and pump around in a distillation, on MUD. This MUD methodology displays Minimum Driving Force (MDF) for side heating-cooling and Close to Equilibrium Point (CEP) for pump-around system at a particular heat load.

Keywords: exergy analysis, MUD, material-utilisation diagram, distillation column, minimum driving force, retrofitting, thermodynamics, separation performance, side heating?cooling, pump around

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