Graphite flotation brief introduction and prospect application


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Classified by Flotability, the graphite mine belongs to a non-polar and non-metallic mineral with good natural hydrophobicity, it can be floated by only using hydroxysteroid oil collector or frother, so it is easy flotation ore. 

Graphite can be applied to make crucibles, magnesia refractories and other senior brushes, lubricants, insulation and so on. 

There are two types of graphite mineral, crystalline flaky and earthy in Aphanitic. The former Crystal is greater than 1μm, low-grade ore, but with high quality concentrate after the election, and  also has wide use. The shaking table is available to recover the coarse graphite, fine graphite can be recovered by flotation process. 

In theory, natural hydrophobic graphite mineral, in fact it can be due to impurities floating, surface oxidation degree (some refractory graphite surface C = C) and embedded in a large bout of different differences. The grinding process ink and gangue mutual friction, so gangue surface often graphite coating, increasing the separation difficult. 

Common collector for kerosene, # 2 oil as frother. In order to improve the concentrate grade, available sodium silicate, quartz and clay hydrofluoric acid and other inhibitors. 

Study of Refractory graphite ene-containing hydroxyl (-C = C-) show that: the ore is heated to 300 ? treatment can improve alkenyl disappear and graphite flotation recovery. Adding NaOH (1kg / t) in the grinding or Na2CO3 (4kg / t) can greatly improve the recovery of graphite. 

A typical coarse flake graphite flotation process is after a period of grinding through rougher tailings discarded featured again in five string inserted two grinding, each time a selection of tailings (middlings) focus back bold election operations. 

Global graphite ore reservation is rich and with no supply bottlenecks. According to USGS (US Geological Survey) data, the global graphite reserves can reach 130 million tons, the annual exploration amount of 1.19 million tons, reserve-production ratio of more than 100 years. The abundant reserves ensured that the graphite downstream application will not be restricted by shortage of raw material.

Bailing think that natural graphite is important, but not scarce, 'arousing concern is good.After so years of disorder exploration, these natural graphite mines absolutely should increase efforts to protect, Properly guiding the development of rational graphite industry . '

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