Grasspave2 compared to Bomanite Grasscrete case study


Courtesy of Invisible Structures, Inc.

I would like to take this opportunity to present Grasspave2 advantages as compared to the Bomanite Grasscrete product. The Grasspave2 product has been on the market for 30 years now. We have seen many competitors in the market during this time, and we believe Grasspave2 is the best grass porous paving system currently available.

First, please allow me to provide a brief description of the Grasscrete product: Grasscrete is a cast-in-place concrete system, cast into plastic form with the forms removed as the concrete is setting, leaving voids in the concrete to be filled with soils and seeded with various grass species.

Please find below a list of the benefits that our Grasspave2 product offers you are:

  • First, and most importantly, when used as an Emergency Access, Grasspave2 is available upon immediate completion of installation. Since it is composed of cast in place concrete, access for the Grasscrete product must wait 28 days until it can sustain 100% of the design load (which is a fire truck). (source: 2nd page of:
  • Grasspave2 has been tested and rated for 5720 psi when installed according tour technical specifications. This exceeds the 3000 psi rating of the concrete used in the Grasscrete system. Grasspave2 has been used for the past 30 years to support HS-20 loads and greater with complete success.
  • Grasspave2 offers more available root area for turf (92% for Grasspave2 vs. 40% for Grasscrete), making it more permeable throughout the cross-section and allowing for healthier root growth as the roots have more room to penetrated deeper into the cross-section.
  • The concrete in Grasscrete will retain the radiant heat from the sun (attaining temperatures of 125 degrees F and higher) killing the grass growing in the cells. This is particularly problematic in warm, sunny climates. The thermal mass properties of concrete are well known and account for much of the Heat Island Effect that Grasspave2 can eliminate. The grass in Grasspave2 will thrive because it is not surrounded by something holding and emitting destructive heat.
  • Additionally, the concrete in Grasscrete will wick water away from the grass growing in the cells requiring more water to sustain healthy coverage. Grassspave2 does not have this problem. In general, the installation of the Grasscrete product will not look well overtime. Here is a photo from their own website – project: Covington Readiness Center. Compare this to many hundreds of Grasspave2 installations that are visually indiscernible from a normal lawn area.
  • The Grasspave2 product is flexible as opposed to the rigid Grasscrete product. This allows the product to shift and move as the ground settles and moves with time. Grasscrete will form unsightly and structurally problematic cracks with time – as happens with all concrete installations. The rigid nature of Grasscrete reduces the effective life of the product. This is not an issue for Grasspave2.
  • The installation process for Grasscrete takes much longer than the Grasspave2. Shorter installation times results in jobsite savings and greater likelihood of meeting the project schedule.
  • Grasspve2 can be installed by any semi-skilled landscape contractor. Grassscrete, however, needs tbe installed by contractors licensed by Bomanite. This results in a more expensive installation as highlighted in their own literature. This lists the cost of a Grasscrete installation at 30% HIGHER than a standard concrete installation. (source: Question 4 of PERFORMANCE Questions:
  • Unlike Grasscrete, Grasspave2 can be sodded. This allows for faster completion time as there is no waiting period for seeded grass to establish. Seeded grass can take months to mature, while sodded areas have immediate coverage and take only weeks to firmly root.
  • Repairs or access to utilities below the surface are more timely and costly with Grasscrete than for Grasspave2 as Grasscrete takes a longer time to cure (up to 28 days until accessible) and requires higher skilled labor to access and repair areas.

Invisible Structures, Inc. certifies that our Grasspave2 grass reinforcement product will meet every important performance criteria required, and is equal or better than any competitive product available.

Finally, I would like to confirm that Grasspave2 is manufactured from 100% recycled HDPE resin in an ISO9002 facility located in Aurora, Colorado. Grasspave2 has proudly been made in the USA for the life of the product. The ISO9002 certification to the manufacturing facility insures that each part we send out is done so with the highest level of quality available in the manufacturing world.

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