Grasspave2 vs Geoblock Pavers


Courtesy of Invisible Structures, Inc.

A truly unique benefit of our porous pavement systems is that they are “flexible”. Our porous pavement systems do not share a common wall and are connected by a flexible support grid. This makes our porous pavement systems distinctly different from our competition. Our competitors plastic porous pavement systems all share a common wall or cell. This makes those systems very rigid and less likely to undulate with a natural land forms or be able to flex with expansive soils or freeze/thaw conditions. Rigid paver manufacturers usually specify a leveling layer of sand between the base course and paver, which not only adds to the expense and time of installation, but can actually create structural problems by allowing an unstable layer to receive loads - with potential for generating ruts above a properly compacted base.

I’d like to also make you aware that Invisible Structures Inc. collects and processes recycled plastic, and then manufacturers our porous pavement products in our facility in Aurora, Colorado. The 100% recycled post consumer plastic that is used to manufacture our product is derived from products such as #2 high density polyethylene including 55 gal. drums, buckets and pails, plastic crates, bread trays, film canisters etc... Instead of adding to our landfills, our products help to create aesthetic “paved” areas.

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