Gravelpave2 & grasspave2 vs porous asphalt and porous concrete


Courtesy of Invisible Structures, Inc.

Background - Gravelpave2 is an evolutionary product derived from Grasspave2, which had to go through fire department approvals city by city for years. Each new product seems to require the same process, whether we like it or not. The strangest thing to us is that after 18 years making and selling porous paving, there are still communities that demand only asphalt or concrete for paving surfaces. No doubt the asphalt and concrete paving industries have some influence with local communities, but surely reasonable heads must prevail after all this time.

Grasspave2 was the first product we made, and was used for emergency access, access to sewer manholes, detention basins (for removal of sediment), etc. Gravelpave2 was not introduced until 1993 when we developed a method to mold plastic onto the fabric instead of using adhesives.

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