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Gravity survey - Brett D. Smith thesis area, Colorado School of Mines - 1984Designed and performed multiple-traverse surveys across the geologic boundary between the Eastern Klamath Mountains / Cascade Range provinces. Elevation surveying of gravity stations was performed utilizing non-GPS elevation surveying equipment. All survey 'loops' were properly closed and double checked for accuracy before leaving the project area. Data processing incorporated sophisticated computerized terrain-corrections at all gravity stations, utilizing high resolution digital elevation data. Performed forward modeling of reduced (Complete Bouguer Anomaly) data to yield a geologically plausible interpretation of the complex subsurface geology in the Mt. Shasta area of northern California. Master's thesis, Colorado School of Mines.

Designed and performed 'piggybacked' gravity traverses above and within the Department of Defense's experimental tunnel at Idaho Springs, Colorado. This graduate school project (Colorado School of Mines) was an attempt to determine the apparent density of the tunnel overburden. Location and elevation surveying was performed at all stations, in order to eliminate terrain related effects. Received an A+ grade for this innovative and unique project.

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