Great billing anglian water case study


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Plant inputs : 40.000 Tonnes dry solids/annum Wastewater sludge 12.000 TDS Indigenous, 28,000 TDS cake imports Primary sludge 60% Secondary sludge 40%

Advanced Digestion Plant : Monsal EEH • High rate hydrolysis  Cake back mixing • 7-8% DS teed plant Heating technology • water and steam 4 x 3,030m3 + 1 x 4,925m3 Mesophilic digesters (17,045m3 total)

Biogas and Bioenergy engineering : Over 40,000m3/day 3 x 1.4 MWe CHP dedicated to biogas Siloxane removal CHP Heat recovery, steam generation

Key Benefits

  • Sludge throughput increased lo 110 Tonnes/day
  • Throughput and biogas production increased over 300% in existing assets
  • No additional digestion volume required (loading over 4.7 Kg vS/m3.d)
  • Renewable energy production optimised • 4.2 MWe generated
  • No supplementary fuel required
  • Anglian Water's largest sludge supercentre optimised

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