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Great Island Tank 4 and bund refurbishment - case study


Courtesy of Agru Ireland Ltd. T/A Lining Tech

Lining works to refurbish the existing tank farm secondary containment bund and HFO Tank 4 are ongoing at Great Island CCGT project. Lining Tech are contracted in to Balfour Beatty Ireland on this design and build project for the client

Tank 4 Works

  • Installation of 1,140m2 of 1mm HDPE leak detection liner to the floor of HFO tank 4
  • Fabrication and installation of HDPE sumps
  • Fabrication and sealing of pipe boots around leak detection pipes

Bund Refurbishment Works

  • Lining of tank bund slopes with a protection geotextile and a 2mm double textured HDPE liner (5,350m2
  • Installation of a looped geotextile and 150mm soil cell to retain topsoil on bund slopes
  • Lining of bund floor with a protection geotextile, 2mm smooth HDPE liner and a covering protection geotextile (7,350m2)
  • Sealing of liner to new concrete structures with carbolock anchor profile
  • Sealing of liner around five HFO tanks, a test tank and a transfer tank

Main Contractor - Balfour Beatty Ireland
Client- SSE Generation

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