Great news for Bailing: "Made in China" restore its reputation in Russia

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'Made in China' to the 'scary' to 'attracting a lot of people'? Chinese Academy of Social Sciences of the Ukraine, Russia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia Research Associate Research Fellow Zhang Hong told reporters, 'Made in China' is now in Russia's hard-won good reputation. 90s of the last century or so, Chinese products in Russia reputation and image is not good, and even some shops will specifically marked 'shop does not sell Chinese products.' The reason behind this is that the subject was engaged in bilateral trade mercenary with no regard to product quality, coupled with the large number of gray customs clearance phenomenon, making Chinese products to Russian consumers left a 'bad price, low quality' effect. This also led to the Sino-Russian trade to decline rapidly from its peak in the mid-1990s to the late 1990s shrinking rapidly. Under the efforts of the two governments, Sino-Russian trade in 2000 and then gradually on the right track. Especially after Russia's accession to WTO, Chinese products in the Russian market share gradually restored, product quality and brand image has been radically changed.

Henan Bailing always insist that we can’t lose face for “Made-in-China”, as a member of Chinese manufacturers, we focus on manufacturing flotation machine, impact crusher.

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