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LTV Steel's Use of Essential EH&S Enables Environmental Pros To Do Much More Than Just Crunch Numbers

The Challenge:

LTV Steel's internal Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) solutions were adequate to do the job they were being called upon to do, but it was clear they would soon be outdated. The solutions resided on a mainframe and data had to be manually keyed in to generate the necessary reports. Plus, the system was limited in terms of the kind of queries it would accept.

There were also some gaps in coverage. For example, there was no computerized data management for air because many of the air requirements weren't defined. In looking for a new integrated EH&S system, the company conducted a needs analysis, which identified several priorities, including the following:

  • The ability to generate SARA 313 reports along with agency and flexible ad hoc reports.
  • All waste tracking, treatment and other codes needed to correlate with federal requirements.
  • Historic data had to be protected.
  • The new system would have to track non-hazardous, recyclable waste streams and disposal costs.

The Solution:

LTV purchased Essential EH&S in early 1999, with the goal of having it fully operational throughout its entire enterprise by the end of 2000. The implementation is being handled module by module. The Water module is in place at all of the company's core steel facilities and officials say cost savings are already being realized.

The Results:

For one, there is no longer a need to pay for maintaining the internal systems, so the company has saved money by shutting them down. Additionally, the environmental staff no longer has to spend considerable amounts of time on data entry and can devote more resources to operational and strategic activities.

Since Essential EH&S resides on a dedicated server at LTV's Cleveland headquarters, it is accessible to all of the company's facilities worldwide. With its Web interfaces, any employee with e-mail access can take advantage of the latest technology and information available for enhancing data management efficiency.

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