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If the predictions are correct, Green Education On Line says by the 2030’s we will need the equivalent of two earths to support us. Why are large corporations adding sustainability to their branding? They are accepting that their business practices are full of waste and addressing sustainable practices within their own business model.  Stakeholders are demanding action. “It is time we educate the employee pool.” Says Kerry Mitchell President of Green Education On Line out of Tampa, Florida. The company, who has educated over 7,000 says they are seeing sustainable practices being incorporated into the business culture today. “I attended a web presentation by Ernst and Young and all they discussed was employee engagement in sustainability. Our courses teach employees on sustainability, from energy planning, and greening your fleet to environmental accounting procedures and basics on green building renovations.” Mitchell says getting USGBC approval for their Sustainability Education Series of 50 courses was huge and they are hearing of interest daily. Greener practices in lifestyle and business goals must scale to meet the needs of a growing world population. Mitchell feels the world is at a crossroads and that our economy is witnessing a fundamental change. Economists are lost and are not predicting with any accuracy future trends. It is not business as usual any longer.


Environmental and energy programs are being implemented across government and business organizations but training employees is still not being done and Green Education On Line meets this need in a most professional transparent delivery which is on line accessible 24/7. Current business practices are undermining the fabric of our culture now that environmental issues are surfacing. The company says there is a positive mindshift going on with our corporate and government leaders.  Sustainability practices are no longer on the periphery of business decisions. Many support the research that we are using resources faster than predicted.


Green Education On Line says it is time to educate employees as they are also consumers. Mitchell summarizes. “These issues are universal in scope and not exclusive to one country or region and is a necessity to educate the adult sectors who are not going back to formalized education, now.” 

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