Green Construction Board Multi-stakeholder engagement - Case Study


Courtesy of IMS Consulting (Europe) Ltd

The client

The Green Construction Board (GCB), formed in summer 2011, is a joint government and industry group formed to provide a platform for growth in green construction. It will implement and take forward the Low Carbon Construction Action Plan, published in response to Chief Construction Advisor Paul Morrell’s Innovation and Growth Team report. The GCB’s work is carried out by seven working groups, set up to take forward a range of issues arising from the Action Plan.

The challenge

Following IMS’ delivery of the first phase of work, the GCB wanted to consult with the industry to help direct its focus and to make informed decisions going forward.

What did IMS do?

IMS Consulting was commissioned to carry out stakeholder research, which involved conducting telephone interviews with two groups – heads of internal working groups and heads of trade associations from across the industry. The aim of this consultation was to find out their perspective on the GCB’s performance and what it should be doing.

What was the outcome?

This qualitative analysis and its findings were presented to the GCB as a stakeholder report. The second phase of the Board’s work was delivered based on this.

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