Green Employer of the Week --Apr/06-12/13: Silver Spring Networks

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Silver Spring Networks Employer of the Week

Silver Spring Networks, a Redwood City, CA-based provider of Smart Grid software and hardware is our employer of the week for Apr 06-12, 2013, with 26 green job postings.

Silver Spring Networks

Just like last week's Aquion Energy, it's not so much because of the number of current job openings that Silver Spring Networks was chosen but because it raised over $80 million last month in an initial public offering (IPO) of stock. And that's usually a promise of large job creation. It's already happening, with 14 of its 26 US-based job openings posted after its IPO.

This is clearly another success story of a 'Green' company succeeding, and creating a lot of jobs. But it doesn't make the national press headlines, like 'failed' Green companies do. Silver Spring Network was founded in July 2002, and received over $75 million in venture capital funding from large firms Kleiner-Perkins and Foundation Capital in 2003 and 2007.

The new jobs opened since the IPO span many departments of the company, but we should expect that sales, sales support, and technical support jobs will be added quickly, as the company expands its sales offices nationwide and overseas (in a manner similar to Tesla Motors opening dealerships all over the country, with 187 jobs openings). Silver Spring Networks already has a sales office in Florida, and a presence in Australia, England and Brazil, and is hiring in Singapore. And these job openings in the US could number in the hundreds.

Here are some good examples of the job positions being opened:

This last job is a good example of the kind of jobs that will be created as the company expands its sales offices.

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