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Green entrepreneurship: LDK Consultants’ corporate practices

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Implementing environmentally friendly technologies in every-day business and production deems as a modern-era necessity, within the elaboration of sustainability principles in every-day life as part of a “green” development. European policy and initiatives for environmental protection designate particular actions, such as supporting the use of renewable energy sources, energy saving and energy efficiency for buildings, green infrastructures, environmental certification, as well as estimating the environmental footprint of a company or business activity. Such actions also define some green entrepreneurship practices, possessing definite targets and given financial cost; also they are necessary interventions in today’s business reality, providing an alternative and sustainable dimension to enterprises.

LDK Consultants, being a Greek group of companies with yearlong international experience and profile, has been active in energy and environmental consulting via its relevant business units. Besides its fixed and holistic commitment for the continuous improvement of the quality of provided services, the group considers sustainable development as a necessary business dimension in its operations. The main axis for the implementation of green entrepreneurship are the rational use of energy and natural resources, waste management and recycling, transport, as well as awareness and training. Particular actions include the elaboration of bioclimatic architecture principles during the design and construction of LDK’s self-owned headquarter building, by using energy efficient materials, insulation and ventilation systems, aiming at the minimisation of energy consumption. Furthermore, relevant actions include LDK’s participation in the municipal recycling programmes for glass, aluminium and paper, as well as the training of its personnel, the promotion of measures for energy saving in lighting, and the encouragement to use mass transport, such as the company bus for the everyday transport needs of the personnel.

Keeping in pace with each era’s innovations, LDK has been active in energy and environmental consulting for almost three decades now, possessing valuable expertise and having concluded numerous projects and programmes. The group’s energy business unit provides for specialised services in planning and implementing energy technologies, energy saving and rational use, energy audits and due diligence. LDK’s environment business unit is active in strategic environmental planning and policy, as well as in specialised technical consultancy for business and industry. The expertise of these units, along with the experience of LDK Business Development unit, provide the potential client with a full suite of green entrepreneurship action plan, suited to the particular needs of each companies, providing for viable business solutions, sustainable perspective and green consciousness.

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