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Green HRM: innovative approach in Indian public enterprises


Public enterprises (PEs) in India are an inseparable part of the process and dynamics of economic development in India. Since the first five year plan, PEs has been involved in the innovation process to update themselves to the latest developments including product and process innovation. Numerous initiatives have been taken to demonstrate how organisations innovatively manage sustainable development by initiating social conscience and green sense of responsibility as a part of a company operation. Yet, the area of green human resource management (GHRM) is less explored in PEs in India. The purpose of the paper is to elaborate the need of GHRM initiatives as an innovative approach in PEs. Primary data has been collected to identify the existing GHRM initiatives and green practices in central public sector enterprises (CPSEs). The paper identifies the best practices in GHRM that can be applied in CPSEs in India to contribute to sustainable development.

Keywords: green HRM, human resource management, GHRM, innovation, public enterprises, India, green culture, environment, recruitment, training, public sector, sustainable development, sustainability

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