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Green marketing practice in Indian business environment: a conceptual review

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Various regulations are framed by the government to protect consumers and the society at large. Green marketing takes into consideration the people, planet and profit in a way that takes care of the health of employees and communities and ensures efficient productivity. Every day is environment day. Google Trends reports that, on a relative basis, more searches for 'green marketing' originated from India than from any other country. Green marketing should not be considered as just one more approach to marketing, but has to be pursued with much greater vigour as it has societal and environmental dimensions. Green marketing is a phenomenon which has developed particular important in the modern marketing era. The number of Indian companies is setting the trend with green marketing initiatives and sustainability into their business practices. Government and social organisations may compel all the organisation to practice green marketing for sustainable development. This can also be viewed as a source of new opportunities to grow in today's highly competitive global environment.

Keywords: green marketing, India, sustainable growth, sustainability, sustainable development, environmental protection

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