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Green postal service framework to reduce CO
emissions in postal service industry

Reducing the impact of greenhouse gases on climate change is an attempt to tackle global warming issues. It is a challenge many companies and businesses are trying to undertake. The research proposed in this paper discusses online delivery of mails through online postal services to deliver mails electronically later be printed by service providers to deliver at destinations. This technique reduces cost, time and carbon emission caused by conventional postal delivery system. A green postal services framework was proposed to deliver and exchange mails destined to appropriate locations. It increases efficiency and reduces the emission of greenhouse gases hazardous for global warming. An algorithm is designed to help postal service provider to shift to a new paradigm of electronic postal services to improve the quality of service. Results clearly show that by implementing proposed framework there is an enormous amount of decrease in over all carbon footprints and costs.

Keywords: electronic mail, email, global warming, green postal framework, online postal services, mail services, greenhouse gases, GHG emissions, climate change, electronic postal services, quality of service, QoS, carbon footprint

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