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Green Real Estate Education announces mortgage professionals can go green with their programs

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Green Real Estate Education, the leader in the United States for educating the real estate arena on green building basics talked to over thirty mortgage professionals in Illinois about implementing green principles in the way they do business. The company has “green” educated 5,000 in various disciplines in the real estate industry.

At the fall convention for the Illinois Association of Mortgage Professionals, Robert Mitchell, Executive Director of Green Real Estate Education conducted a breakout session to share the advantages of greening the mortgage industry. Mitchell brought in Corbett Lunsford with Green Dreams, a well known HERS Rater and BPI Energy Auditor in Chicago, Illinois to present information on energy ratings. These professionals learned the benefits of having an energy audit and Mitchell discussed how this related to energy mortgage products. Many of the students said they feel the information was well presented and timely. Mitchell says, “This is the future of the industry and our company trains in how to bring green into their business.”

The Mortgage Industry once employed over 4 million professionals including loan originators, processors and underwriters. Illinois is one of four states to approved Green Real Estate Education’s 4 hour mortgage program for continuing education credits. The company offers the course also as a Level One certification named the GCMP-GL, the Green Certified Mortgage Professional Green Leadership. The GCMP-GL is the first certification for the mortgage industry serving as an introduction to green building and green mortgage arena.

'Green Real Estate Education has set the precedence as the first nationwide green education program for the mortgage industry.” says Mitchell. “We did this for the real estate agent. At one time, we had 17 state approvals for continuing education credits. We hope to have our providers submit our mortgage course content to NMLS for continuing education credit approval as well.” NMLS is the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System. They will streamline the licensing process for mortgage industry and accepts content to be considered for their approval process for educational credits. Current Level One Green Leadership programs from Green Real Estate Education include a Home Inspector certification program, a Realtor® designation and their certification program for government professionals will launch at the ICMA Brown fields conference in New Orleans, La. on November 15, 3009. They will be working on a recent request for an additional green educational program for children.

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