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Green Ridge MDWCA - Tijeras, New Mexico


Courtesy of Adedge Water Technologies, LLC

In 2005 AdEdge Technologies Inc. (AdEdge) was selected to implement an arsenic treatment project for the Green Ridge Community Water System located in Tijeras, New Mexico. The Green Ridge system had been without potable water for three years. Local residents each hauled from 100 to 300 gallons per week to meet their water needs. The groundwater resource in Tijeras was determined to contain high arsenic concentrations above the proposed maximum contaminant level (MCL). As shown in the attached table, the arsenic concentration was 95 parts per billion (ppb) and the pH was 8.6. Souder Miller & Assoc. (SMA) chose Pumps & Service and AdEdge to execute the turnkey project. Adedge worked closely with the SMA to provide submittals and plans for permitting and operating the 20 gallon per minute (gpm) treatment system for arsenic. A summary of the Green Ridge water quality is shown in the table below that served as the basis for design. The system was fabricated and installed in June, 2005. The treatment system is described in the following paragraph.

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