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Green Sand Filters, Chile

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In August 2013, Pure Aqua, Inc. manufactured and supplied Green Sand Filters to a major company in Chile to lower the manganese and iron level in well water. The system came complete with tank, top mounted valves, and high quality green sand media. The system was designed to produce 24 GPM. Since the initial startup, the system has been functioning accordingly with minimal troubleshooting.

Water that contains too much iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide in it can cause a smell, discolor, or taste. In water filtration, the proper way to treat this problem is with a green sand filter. A green sand filter is made up of manganese green sand or is more scientifically known as glauconite. Green sand filters require a pretreatment of an oxidizing agent first, chlorine works best when removing iron from water while potassium permanganate works best when dealing with manganese. Due to the pretreatment, when the water comes in contact with the manganese green sand, either the iron, manganese or hydrogen sulfide instantly oxidize. This means the impurities go from a dissolved state to clumps and then they become trapped in the filter media. As water continues to travel down the tube, the iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide are removed down a different pathway.

Regeneration of the green sand in the filter is necessary to continue quality and longevity in the usage of the filter. There are two different types of processes possible for regeneration. The first is known as continuous regeneration (CR). Continuous regeneration is used in green sand filters that are removing iron from the water. An oxidizer is fed continuously into the filter with the raw water stream in order to catch excess iron. The other type of regeneration process is referred to as intermittent regeneration (IR). This form of regeneration is used when manganese is the primary issue and uses the natural properties that the manganese green sand holds. The IR takes at minimum four times longer to regenerate the green sand than CR.

System Overview

Location : Chile
End-User : A major company
Objective : To lower iron and manganese levels
Water Source : Well Water
Plant Capacity : 24 GPM

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