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Green Supply Chain Management


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As we all know, the sense of environmental protection is widely accepted worldwide. More and more new concepts spring up in the field of environmental protection. Undoubtedly, environmental protection in our producing process will be a key point in leading the further development of your enterprise in your own industry. Then how to make your producing process “green”? That is why I introduce Green Supply Chain Management.

Green supply chain management refers to setting requirements for suppliers to manage environmental related issues. By combining the ideas of environmental protection and hazardous substance control, products are made environmental friendly, and the traditional supply chain has been transformed to a green partnership rather than a pure procurement-supply relations. Now I will take scrap copper recycling as example. While protecting the earth has evolved from ideology to real-world regulations, scrap copper recycling becomes an important way to reduce waste of resources and environment pollution.

For better recycling copper scrap, copper cable granulator is a necessary equipment. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of copper cable granulator, that is, dry-type and wet-type. Of them, wet-type will produce little secondary pollution for it needs water in the producing process. Therefore, if we want to choose copper recycling equipment, we had better purchase dry-type copper cable granulator for it will produce no dust and no environmental pollution in the whole process. Of course, to start a so environmentally friendly business, we need to select a machine of good quality.

As far as I'm concerned, the enterprises doing better in this aspect is Amisy Machinery. It has 12 years professional experiences in manufacture industry and will provide considerate and perfect service for customers. It is certain that Amisy Machinery will be your best partner in green supply chain management.

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