Green Water Treatment prevents scaling caused by hard water

Fluid Dynamics has over 200,000 installations of its equipment all over the world. With applications in process industry, office blocks, hospitals, private villas, universities,oil, food and engineering companies, and clients as diverse as McDonald’s, Pfizer, and Unilever.

“It is very satisfying” says Robert Spencer, Fluid Dynamics Managing Director, who, with his father founded the business in 1973 “when a company like Sevalco in Bristol UK, Part of the giant Columbian Chemicals group orders a new unit of our Colloid-A-Tron products 28 years after they ordered their first one or when you suddenly get an e-mail saying. I have been using a Scaletron for more than 20 years and am very happy with it and now a friend of mine wishes to buy one .. please can you advise if you have a distributor in Ireland.”

Fluid Dynamics sells its Water conditioning products almost everywhere and so far this year has shipped to: The USA, Jordan, Sweden, Brazil, Thailand, Chile, Argentina, Netherlands, Peru, Ireland, Belgium, France, and Norway.

The products are simply installed in a length of pipework (supplied) and become part of the pipework system. They require no electricity and no maintenance and they all carry a performance guarantee. In some cases, existing scaled up systems will actually descale and become clean again as previously built up scale is gradually reabsorbed back into the water.

Scaling caused by hard water is a worldwide problem, it builds up in process systems, heating systems, air conditioning systems, and even irrigation systems.

Traditional methods to prevent it involve water softening, demineralization, or the addition of chemicals. All of which are expensive and polluting. If it is allowed to form, then very often only acid can be used to remove it which in turn is dangerous. Fluid dynamics international limited of the UK has been preventing scaling throughout the world for 35 years without using any chemicals or salt.

Scaling is caused by calcium carbonate that is normally invisible in water, but when water is heated it deposits calcium carbonate in the form of a white coating on pipes and on the surfaces of heat exchangers and boilers and other process equipment. This coating forms an insulating layer leading to energy inefficiency, and eventually the blocking up of pipework systems.

Utilizing its unique catalytic technology Fluid Dynamics’ Scaletron and Colloid-A-Tron products literally neutralize the calcium carbonate in the water that would normally cause hard water scale by creating a small electrical current.As water passes through the equipment, the effect of the different elements in the catalytic alloy is such as to generate an electrical current and this in turn causes the pH of water passing over the central core of the equipment to rise. The rise in pH forces calcium carbonate to come out of the solution into suspension, and it passes down the pipework without sticking to metal surfaces.

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