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Greenbelt Resources Selected to Manufacture First Commercial-scale, Vapor-capture System for EcoPAS


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Greenbelt Resources Corporation (OTC: GRCO) an innovator of sustainable energy production systems, today announced that it was selected by EcoPAS, a California company, to manufacture its PAS (Passive Alcohol System) – a revolutionary pollution control device that captures and transforms gaseous ethanol emissions into quality spirit products.  The full-scale PAS will be utilized in a soon to-be-announced commercial winery during the grape harvest this summer and fall. The 2015 goal of EcoPAS is to become designated as a Best Available Control Technology (BACT) to assist in smog reduction from winery emissions, while retaining the otherwise lost vapors for their commercial value.

“After a rigorous bidding process and extensive consideration, we chose Greenbelt Resources.  With their cutting-edge ethanol technology and expertise we see a long-term relationship with Greenbelt as our partner,” said Marci Norkin-Schoepel, co-founder of EcoPAS. “By selecting Greenbelt Resources, we benefit not only from their innovative, green manufacturing capabilities, but also their experience in ethanol condensation, which allows the potential for future collaboration beyond contract manufacturing.”

EcoPAS selected Greenbelt Resources as a manufacturing partner to fabricate the initial full-scale PAS units based on Greenbelt’s technology accolades, extensive industry experience and reputation for delivering performance outcomes that exceed customer expectations. A portion of the product produced by the PAS may serve as an excellent feedstock for Greenbelt’s traditional modular distillation and dehydration systems.

“The invention of the PAS by EcoPAS is significant because of its ability to passively perform ethanol vapor-capture without the need for complex controls or major energy inputs – making it a truly environmentally friendly pollution control system,” said Darren Eng, CEO of Greenbelt Resources Corporation. “The EcoPAS management and design team share our vision and have created a growth industry simply by producing a much needed passive, pollution-control solution. Once a critical mass of Passive Alcohol Systems is deployed, the resulting volume of ethanol-containing product can generate demand for distillation and dehydration systems built by Greenbelt Resources from wineries and other fermentation processers in the US and internationally.”

EcoPAS recently completed a successful pilot test at a commercial winery in Santa Barbara County.  Completion of the full-scale system is expected by the end of the second quarter of 2015.

About EcoPAS

EcoPAS provides innovative science and engineering solutions to the wine industry. Their patented ethanol capture equipment and fermentation monitoring devices provide a highly cost effective method for wineries to meet air pollution regulations.  Value may be derived by adopting wineries from tradable emission credits, relaxed regulatory production caps and saleable by products.

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