Greenhouse Gas: You can`t manage what you can`t measure

The world is readying itself for greenhouse gas (GHG) regulation coming with the next US administration. Because GHGs have so far not been regulated, the imposition of restrictions on emissions has the potential to drive a fundamental restructuring of our carbon-based economy. If analysts are correct, the “right” to emit GHGs, which today is “free” in the United States, could cost industry up to US$40 per ton of carbon dioxide (CO2), or CO2 equivalent (CO2e), emitted. This represents the potential addition of US$50 billion in cost per year to the U.S. economy.

As carbon becomes an economic force in the United States, all sectors of society are struggling to cope with the changing paradigm. In this transition, however, one thing is clear: the fundamental prerequisite to any meaningful effort to manage GHGs is the implementation of a system that produces auditable, verifiable, standardized GHG emissions data. All stakeholders need this standardized measurement capability.

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