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Greening business: Green grows the opportunity

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China´s prodigious economic growth and galloping resource demands are often portrayed as an eco-threat. Now, business and investors are waking up to the huge commercial opportunities presented by China´s sustainability challenge, writes Nick Robins.

´The rapid rise in world energy costs, increasing import dependency for energy and the emergence of new carbon markets has generated real demand for clean energy options.´

All too often Western commentators have presented the environmental costs of China´s development as the final straw that will break the planet´s already burdened carrying capacity. Over the past year, however, a new theme has been emerging from the business and investment community, one that emphasizes the profound commercial opportunity that this crisis presents. As leading investment bank, CLSA, noted this May in a special report on sustainable energy, ´if environmental legislation in Asia were a stock, it would be a raging Buy´. China lies at the heart of this burgeoning market for environmental goods and services, driven by the pressing need to respond to its twin ´resource crunch´ of getting access to sufficient quantities of clean energy and clean water.

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