Greening the real estate industry can contribute to job creation.

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Green renovations and energy sector jobs will stimulate the economy.

Has anyone figured out that bailouts are not going to solve the economic problems we still face? They were temporary solutions to a much bigger problem.  Still homes are sitting, not selling and buyers are still being turned down from lenders. Now we are seeing companies who feel that a good marketing program is advertising free money if you let “them” handle your transaction. Nice try until all the big companies do it. We need an injection into the real estate arena, a new industry. Something the republicans can get excited about.  We need something that will gain their support. We need to stop ignoring them and pose the age  old question. “Why can’t we all get along?” We need something that can create big business ideals and put even the republicans’ friends and family back to work.  If you could save on your utility bills, have your family breathe better in their  own home and get family and friends back to work, are you interested?

The downside with a mindset of wanting bailouts, is that we become complacent and no one will be motivated to address how we can stop unemployment applications. Extending unemployment extensions is a must, for now. Until jobs are created and we keep taking handouts, we are on a downward spiral promoting complacency. Now in our country we realize without this, we cannot exist.  We are just making these problems worse, so what is the answer?

 We all need to feel secure again. We need opportunity we can get excited about. We don’t believe those in decision making positions anymore because they keep making decisions and still our family and friends are going deeper and deeper.”  Since we all live and work in a piece of real estate, this is the place to start.

Let’s look at our situation another way.  I am sure we can all agree we have identified two common denominators that need to stabilize, employment and stimulating real estate sales. No bailouts allowed. DONE. STOP. Think of the days when job security was more the norm. Mom and Dad go to work, and at night and on weekends families could afford to patronize the local businesses. It was the result of our family home as our safe haven and job security. Think on this: If we all lived and worked in tents, because of weather patterns, wouldn’t we have interest in making these structures, stronger and sustainable?  Wouldn’t it create business opportunity, innovation for products and building systems, research, new business ventures and financing programs to help people? Anyone see where I am going here? Does this opportunity remind you of the old industrial revolution we studied in our history classes in middle and high school?

Embrace the many tax incentives, government and community initiatives and get Green Education so all understand this is here to stay and will cause market transformation.

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