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GREENMAX EPS Styrofoam Recycling Compactor|Densifier for Polystyrene Foam

Greenmax is now accepting Styrofoam for recycling Come by and drop it off at any time, and bring any of those old electronics you would like to recycle too!. For Styrofoam, we charge $5 per 30 gallon bag (that’s a lot of Styrofoam! Check figure 4 for reference). We can only recycle Styrofoam that is white and unmarked. We cannot recycle Styrofoam that is colored or Styrofoam that has been used for food, but only EPS (expanded polystyrene) 6. We’ll recycle Styrofoam packing peanuts for free. We can even come collect electronics and Styrofoam directly from your office. Electronics, as always, are completely free to recycle.


How do we recycle Styrofoam? First, some background information: Technically, Styrofoam is the trademarked insulation foam produced by the Dow Chemical Company, but the word “styrofoam” commonly refers to expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam (like how we use the word “Kleenex” to refer to all brands of tissues).

EPS is rigid foam often found in packaging and take-away containers. Environmentally, Styrofoam is one of the most frustrating materials we encounter. It takes more than 1 million years for a Styrofoam food container to decompose (for reference, it takes organic material, like a banana peels, only about 2 months) and it is often not cost effective to recycle (i.e. most recyclers lose money by doing so). So, environmentally, the best course of action is to avoid buying products with Styrofoam packaging and to avoid purchasing items online that must be packaged and shipped to you. There are some potential replacements for Styrofoam in the works, but they are still a little ways off. 

But for now, accumulating some Styrofoam is almost inevitable. So what will we do with it when you recycle Styrofoam with us? Well, here at Greenmax, we recently purchased a Styrofoam condensing machine. We feed the white, unsoiled blocks of Styrofoam into the machine, which condenses it to roughly 1/90th of its original volume, slowing spitting it out, like frozen yogurt. This tube of condensed Styrofoam is used inside ceiling molding (see figure 3) as well as surfboards, so the Styrofoam you drop off is being reused, and not taking up space in a landfill for the next 1000 years. Come in to a Greenmax center and you can take an up close look at some condensed Styrofoam. Thank you so much for doing your part! Greenmax is proud to be able to help you recycle Styrofoam!

RE/2013 May May 22 Jake Hanft article: where do you get the “1000 years” figure for decomposition of EPS (reference)? Perhaps when it is buried in a landfill and protected from sun, water, air and surface microorganisms.

Also, what “ceiling moulding” company do you sell to; is it Timbron (Stockton)? Certainly food contamination isn’t an issue for them, although EXTRUDED-PS might not be so compatable with rigid EPS mix. Have you looked into lightweight concrete (air entrainment) uses. We must have companies that do this in California. Related to that is making of internal forms for concrete and stucco building. OK if these last 1000 years and they should be able re-blow any type of PS (expanded or not) for this purpose; solid (clear), EPS, XPS and “loose fill peanuts”. Why not?

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