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New Nomura building water recycling system passes the test of time.

One Angel Lane, the iconic new European headquarters of Nomura in the City of London, has a comprehensive grey water and rainwater water combined system providing 100% of water for toilet flushing on the first five floors of this eleven floor building.

Installed by Aquaco in June 2008, the system is working to the full satisfaction of the client. Nomura staff say that they are entirely happy with system, and some were not even aware that the water for WC’s had been recycled.

The roof of the Nomura building is 3,000 square metres and provides an annual average of circa 2 million litres of rainwater.

The grey water system is supplied from showers and hand basins to 60 W.C.’s. The recycling of grey water provides 80% of the required water for WC and urinal flushing and, when topped up with rainwater, saves approximately 50% of the water on the floors where the system is installed saving some £28,000 a year.

This represents a two year payback on the original investment in the Aquaco water recycling system.

Grey Water is captured in a 6,000 litre pre-treatment tank, from where it is pumped at a controlled flow rate of up to 18m³/hr through the Aquaco multi-media filter system. The filter is kept clean by the automatic backwash system.

The rainwater, having passed through a leaf filter, joins the grey water in the 18,000 litre post-treatment tank.

The entire system is controlled by the unique Aquaco Master Control Unit with integrated booster pump, mains water top-up system, supply pump sets and a 100 litre expansion vessel. The Unit supplies treated water direct to appliances throughout the first five floors of the building where over half of the 4,000 Nomura employees are accommodated.

The water recycling system is one of several eco-friendly initiatives by Nomura International which include a Sedum covered roof, server reorganisation to reduce power usage, recycling stations in place of desk bins, 1.4 kilometres of LED lighting and over 1,000 water cooled desks.

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