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Grey water recycling for Taylor Wimpey


Courtesy of Aquaco Water Recycling Limited

Taylor Wimpey opt for Grey Water recycling

The national developer and household name Taylor Wimpey has opted to include the 'Aquawiser' grey water recycling system at a large housing development in Kent. The scheme will be offering a mix of houses and apartments Aquaco's grey water system.

Grey Water Systems involve the collection of bath water and shower water which is then filtered, disinfected and recycled for the use of toilet flushing only. The amount of water used for bathing is the same as that for toilet flushing. The system incorporates a collection tank with filter arrangement, pump set and disinfectant chamber, a header tank with mains water top-up, an optional in-line disinfection unit and control panel.

The system itself is compact and simple to install. The costs of maintenance are negligible and the typical saving of 33% on water usage leads to a substantial saving in water rates. Grey water systems also categorically reduce household carbon footprint, reduces waste water and significantly reduces the frequency to empty septic tanks.

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