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Aquaco Water Recycling Limited

Grey water recycling system for midlands library


Courtesy of Aquaco Water Recycling Limited

Midlands Library Grey Water Recycling System

Aquaco has won and is delivering an important contract for a grey water recycling system for a public library in the Midlands.

Aquaco feels that a main strength of its business is in grey water recycling which collects bath, basin and shower water, filters and disinfects, and then recycles the water for use in toilet flushing.

The Midlands system will consist of an 8000 litre underground tank and a 1000 litre break tank. The filtration is carried out by the exclusive multi-media filter supplied by Aquaco together with an ultra violet disinfection system. No chemicals are required to disinfect the water to make it fit for toilet flushing.

The multi-media filter has a small footprint, uses little energy and requires much less maintenance than competitive products.

Grey water treatment can lead to large savings in water consumption resulting in lower water bills.

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