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Greywater recycling system installed at Canary Wharf


Courtesy of Aquaco Water Recycling Limited

First combined Rainwater Harvesting/Grey Water Recycling System to be installed at Canary Wharf in London E14A multi-storey office at Canary Wharf will be installing the first combined Grey,Rain and AC Blow down water recycling system in Canary Wharf.

The reclaimed/recycled water will be used for toilet flushing feeding WC's at 9000 litres per hour. The rain and grey water will be collected in a pre treatment tank, then filtered, disinfected and pumped to a post treatment tank prior to being boosted to all toilets within the 15 storey office building. Large water consumption savings are anticipated. The enhanced capital allowance scheme has been utilised on this scheme creating savings from day one.

Grey water treatment can lead to large savings in water consumption resulting in lower water bills.

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