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Ground Penetrating Radar Survey in Podil`lya Karst Area (Ternopil Region, Ukraine)


Abstract - The paper describes ground penetrating radar (GPR) survey in karst area of PodilTya in Ternopil region, Ukraine that was fulfilled during 2005 year. The GPR examination was made in Ulashkovska and Mlynky caves. The GPR was applied in Ozernaya cave for unknown cavities location. Owing to the GPR survey new gallery was discovered. The research demonstrates an efficiency of the GPR application in gypsum caves for search of discontinuities in rock and sediment including cavities and cracked regions. It is shown that the GPR can also be used for human body detection behind a rocky crust. The results are useful for development of GPR operated in underground conditions, destined, for example, for location of coal gas accumulation and other objects in mines.

Keywords — GPR, impulse GPR, karst, cave.

Introduction: There are lots of tasks in civil engineering, geophysics, and mines exploitation are connected with discontinuities (cavities) detection in monolithic rock. Especially it concerns sediment rocks, were karstic processes are presented. It is known GPR investigation examples of limestone karst areas [1-3]. At the same time information about GPR explorations of gypsum karst are not enough.

A huge gypsum massif that is situated in Ternopil region, Ukraine, has important influence to civil engineering. Usually gypsum massif is covered by thick clay stratum that inconveniences GPR survey. In order to determine possibilities of GPR exploration in gypsum massif for cavities location and wall thickness measurement we used some caves of Ternopil region, Western Ukraine. There are Ulashkovska, Mlynky and Ozernaya caves.

The VIY-2 GPR with central frequency 300 MHz was used [4]. The choice caused by possibilities of this lightweight and compact unit surveying both in field and underground.

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