Ground Water Sampling for Metal Analyses

The Regional Superfund Ground Water Forum is a group of ground-water scientists, representing EPA’s Regional Superfund Offices, organized to exchange up-to-date information related to ground-water remediation at Superfund sites. Filtration of ground-water samples for metals analysis is an issue identified by the Forum as a concern of Superfund decisionmakers. Inconsistency in EPA Superfund cleanup practices occurs where one EPA Region implements a remedial action based on unfiltered ground-water samples, while another Region may consider a similar site to be clean based on filtered ground-water samples. RSKERL-Ada and EMSL-Las Vegas have convened a technical committee of experts in the areas of ground-water geochemistry, inorganic chemistry, colloidal transport and ground-water sampling technology to examine this issue and provide technical guidance based on current scientific information.

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