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Grounding resistance measurement by grid electrode in Brunei Darussalam

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This paper presents soil resistivity and grounding resistance measurements. The measured soil resistivity is used as the input of CYME GRD software for simulation purpose. The rms error between the measured and the calculated ground resistivity is found to be 4.38%. The grounding resistances are measured by placing the electrode as single and double rectangular grids horizontally into the soil. A mathematical relationship between the grounding resistance and the related variables has been developed by employing dimensional analysis technique. The experimental result is used to find the dimensional and arc constants. The correlation coefficients for two cases have been determined and it is found that the grounding resistance is strongly correlated with the length of the buried electrode into the soil.

Keywords: soil resistivity, CYME GRD software, dimensional analysis, fall–of–potential method, rms error, Brunei Darussalam, grounding resistance measurement, grid electrodes, simulation

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